Adaptive Design in Healthcare: A Different Level of Thinking

Deliver increasingly Ideal Patient Care at sustainably lower cost.


Years of experience


Performance improvement in diabetic population health


Average increase in profit in one year, per unit

Adaptive Design Simplifies Success in Healthcare

There are 3 key steps to building an adaptive, innovative healthcare organization.

In 2-3 days, key decision-makers from the C-Suite to the frontline discover Adaptive Design by experiencing it in your institution — low cost, low risk, high reward and fast.

In three months, you adapt the success factors of Toyota, Apple and Amazon to develop a frontline healthcare Innovation Center. No consultants — your people make the difference.

Leadership and management validate, replicate and scale the success, trust, optimism and profitability you have proven you can deliver in 3-month cycles; low risk, high reward, fast.

Are you experiencing any of these challenges?

Increasing Staff Burnout and Attrition

Empower your clinical teams to adapt and delight patients, families and caregivers.

Declining Profitability

Profitably deliver what others can’t: Value-Based Care at lower cost.

Not Meeting Patient Safety & Quality Standards

Quality, safety and improvement are now everyone’s job, 24/7/365.

Here’s how we can help

The Pathway to Excellence

Discover Adaptive Design

Make it safe and easy for everyone to quickly adapt

It’s everyone’s job, every day 24/7/365

Book & Online Resources

Create continuous frontline innovation with our book and online learning.

Find out what's possible with our 2-3-day Adaptive Design Discovery Experience

Customized for healthcare decision makers from the C-Suite to the frontline.

Test drive Adaptive Design in your organization

Identify a key unit to be an Innovation Center

Adaptive Design advisors develop your people as ‘Learner/Leader/Teachers’.

Your team creates and validates patient-centric innovation, then replicates and scales success, trust, optimism and profitability.

Low cost, low risk, high reward, fast.

Book and Online Resources

Our book, Designed to Adapt, was named Book of the Year by American College of Healthcare Executives.

Get access to our best-in-class resources.

The solutions to the healthcare challenges of today and tomorrow lie deep within each organization—like gold, waiting to be mined.

What people are saying

Based on my Mayo Health System experience, I have one word for Dr. Kenagy's Adaptive Design—brilliant.

Assistant Professor, Mayo Clinic

Dr. John Kenagy and Adaptive Design are truly expanding the possible for healthcare…greatly improving the quality of care while reducing its cost by 50% or more. I am not overstating this potential.

Professor, Harvard Business School

I have never done anything that energizes people so quickly. And the more they do it, the more they are energized.

Principal, Fourth Aim Consulting, LLC