Innovation Pathway

Almost all organizations are designed to improve on what they know how to do,
But few are designed to do what they don’t know how to do.
Adaptive Design is your first step on the innovation pathway to move from improving to adapting!


What if your organization could?…

  • Continuously develop and improve thousands of unique, new, best practices?
  • Rapidly reduce counterproductive staff, physician and management behavior with one simple, consistent methodology?
  • Systematically build a culture of trust, optimism and joy?
  • Use reliable leading indicators to predict clinical outcomes, engagement, satisfaction and profitability months ahead of standard KPI’S?

Follow this Pathway and it’s as easy as 1-2-3Original pathway2

1) Sense and Validate create awareness. First, Sense: a 90-minute, leadership workshop that adapts the success characteristics of resilient, highly adaptive companies like Apple, Intel and Toyota to healthcare. Then leaders take a journey inside your organization to view patient-care through the eyes of a frontline innovator. The result is awareness – low risk, high reward and fast. Then, Validate this awareness with a customized 4-5 day learning experience inside your organization:

  • Compare your organization to world-class, value-driven innovators.
  • Identify the methods, skills and tools needed to lead in value-based care.
  • Take the simple next steps needed to immediately make a difference.

Recent example: A community hospital discovered they could use Adaptive Design to become a Learning Organization that continually created new top-line value and simultaneously lowered costs to generate breakthrough, bottom-line financial performance. Sense & Validate will provide your team the information needed to start in value-driven care by recognizing what they can do to provide more access to better, safer care while continually lowering the cost of care. That’s more than a Center of Excellence (CoE); that’s a Center of Value and Excellence (CoVE).

Screen Shot 2017-05-01 at 5.41.59 PM2) Create a Center of Value and Excellence. Again, Adaptive Design makes it easy, simple and safe. Rather than change everything, you begin by identifying a unit or service line to become a CoVE in 3-4 months. For example, see these Population Health results from the Mayo Health System demonstrating that even the best can improve dramatically.

Our system has never failed to develop current resources to provide more access to better, safer care while continually lowering costs. Simultaneously, Leadership develops the methods, skills and tools needed to use the Experience Adaptive Design online, learning system to create their own, internal, consulting team. Adaptive Design is not more outside consultants; it’s the capability to develop your own resources to sense/respond/adapt to everyday problems.

3) Replicate and Scale. In 3-4 months, you’ve proven you can create a CoVE. The next step is to continually replicate and scale that capability at 3-4 month intervals. Now organizational transformation is in your hands.

Replicating at the rate of 2× will create fifteen Centers of Value & Excellence in about 1 year, providing more value-driven care at less cost. The result is a sense/respond/adapt learning organization that leads U.S. healthcare – low risk, high reward, fast.