Innovation Pathway

Adaptive Design is the key to innovative healthcare practices

Simplifying Success in Healthcare

*Empower leadership to develop a value-driven culture

*Revitalize the point-of-care by adapting to continually changing needs of the complex healthcare system

*Increase financial strength and stability by building efficiency within the current management systems



Follow this Pathway and it’s as easy as 1-2-3Original pathway2

1) Sense and Validate

In a 90-minute workshop, our team helps you create a culture of simple adaptive practices. We then observe your organization through the eyes of a frontline innovator.

Next, we validate the experience and help you create the tools and skills to lead you towards value-centered, ideal patient care. Additionally, we support your leadership with an on-line course to fine-tune the Adaptive Design system.

2. Create a Center of Value and Excellence.

Adaptive Design is not another outside consulting firm. We empower your frontline to develop the skills necessary to succeed. We keep things simple, safe and repeatable on every level. We enable your team to observe and adapt in real time circumstances with efficiency and confidence.

3) Replicate and Scale. In 3-4 short months, you will be able to measure tangible results using Adaptive Design in your organization. As the culture of success becomes more familiar, the pace accelerates, resulting in increased savings, creating safer healthcare practices and retaining the best staff members. Now the organizational transformation is in your hands!