Book Reviews

“Must be divine intervention…. Somehow, your book appeared on my desk today. I have a big assignment due in the a.m., but I can’t put your book down. Thanks for all you do! The world is a better place because of people like you.”
Priscilla Stokes MS, BSN, RN
Vice President and Chief Nurse Executive, St. Luke’s Health System

“If you’re really serious about leadership, management, and innovation in healthcare, start reading this book…now!”
Anthony R. Tersigni, Ed.D., FACHE
President and CEO, Ascension Health

“Based on my Mayo Health System experience, I have one word for Kenagy’s Adaptive Design model and his book: Brilliant.”
Mark Lindsay
Quality Officer, Mayo Health System

“Our staff have found Dr. Kenagy’s book invaluable in helping achieve our goal of moving patient care closer to Ideal.”
Rick Siedler
President and CEO, Trinity Regional Health System

“In healthcare, increasing quality increases cost. Kenagy’s concept of Adaptive Design begins to break that tradeoff. His book shows how Adaptive Design gives the original, core business model far greater flexibility in adapting to the demands of the market than I thought achievable. I said, ‘It’s almost impossible.’ That’s true. But it isn’t impossible. Dr. John Kenagy and his book Designed to Adapt: Leading Healthcare in Challenging Times are truly expanding the possibilities for healthcare.”
Clayton Christensen
Robert and Jan Czik Professor, Harvard Business School

“I’m continually reminded how exciting this work is and how [Adaptive Design and your book] empower the frontline staff. I cannot wait to continue to help spread this work throughout our hospital.”
Brenda Oehler, RN, MSN
APN-Clinical Outcomes, St. Luke’s Hospital

“Adaptive Design and Dr. Kenagy’s book Designed to Adapt: Leading Healthcare in Challenging Times are essential because there is no other way to give patients the healthcare that they need at a price they can afford.”
Amy Nyberg
Chief Strategy Officer, Beaver Dam Community Hospitals