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Interview with Selling to the Masses

Published by Selling to the Masses on Oct. 13, 2014

Dr. John Kenagy, MD, developer of Adaptive Design and founder of Kenagy & Associates talks with Selling to the Masses host Derek Ridenoure about the innovative management techniques and product development approaches illustrated by Adaptive Design. Modeling innovative methods of forward-looking companies, Adaptive Design empowers management to create solutions to problems as they happen on the frontline. These small changes lead to progressively better care at lower cost.

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Dr. Kenagy Doesn’t Believe in BS!

Published in the For Your Advantage newsletter (Volume 12, Issue 4 – February 19, 2013) by TrendLeader Connections

I discovered a small book recently that taught me a lot about modern day healthcare. The author is Harry G. Frankfurt, Emeritus Professor of Moral Philosophy at Yale University. The title of Professor Frankfurt’s treatise on Moral Philosophy is unusual because it refers directly to the excrement of large, male bovines. The title is On Bull—- (2005). I’ll let you fill in the dashes. Continue reading

Dr. Kenagy quoted in a Government Health IT article

Published by Government Health IT on February 20, 2013. Article written by Michael F. Arrigo, Managing partner, No World Borders

According to a recent presentation at a Stanford Business forum, healthcare Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS) is an emerging market equaling $325 million worldwide, with an addressable market that is larger. Intelligent Insights on Wednesday ramped up the sector by announcing that it won a $543 million contract with the Department of Veteran’s Affairs (VA) to deploy RTLS technologies across 152 medical centers in 5 years. Continue reading

Dr. Kenagy & Plexus Institute Join Adpative Forces!

“Today’s healthcare environment is extremely complex. It’s also dynamic and, more than anything else, it’s unpredictable. Traditional methods for improvement have a high likelihood of failure. And yet change is not an option: it’s a necessity.”

I wrote that in 2009 for my book, Designed to Adapt: Leading Healthcare in Challenging Times. It still applies but the necessity has increased dramatically. Our current methods and systems are not sustainable.

Continue reading

Will What Got You Here Get You There? Thriving in 21st Century Healthcare

Published in The Medical Tourism Magazine, Jan. 2013, Issue 27

Healthcare circa 2013 is a good news/bad news/good news story. The good news; healthcare work is important and will never go away. The bad news; Continue reading

Dr. Kenagy’s Invitation from the Disruptive Science & Technology Journal

Dr. Kenagy has been asked by Dr. Alan Russell, Editor-in-Chief, to join the Editorial Board for the Disruptive Science & Technology Journal. He has accepted the offer and considers this a great honor to join such a highly innovative and diverse group! Continue reading