Kenagy Adaptive Capacity Index


1. Are most of your innovations initiated by data-driven management decision making in meetings?

2. Are organizational improvements and new technology implemented through management or consultant-led projects, task forces, workshops, initiatives or Lean "events"?

3. Is your organization losing business to competitors who “don't play on a level playing field,” e.g., cherry pick simple, more profitable business or deliver with a lower cost structure and pricing?

4. Has your organization measurably increased competitive advantage in your market through services that others cannot duplicate?

5. Has your organization developed & aligned sites or service lines close to customers or patients to be product and service innovation incubators (e.g. Learning Lines)?

6. Do you have a clear, consistent, meaningful, actionable, value proposition that everyone uses to guide innovation?

7. Do frontline units do frequent, rapid, local experimentation and learning to improve care?

8. Has your organization restructured or downsized in the last 24 months?

9. Is changing or measuring your organization’s culture a recurring management challenge?

10. Is maintaining profitable services and meeting budget a persistent management challenge?

11. Is staff & physician engagement or turnover a significant management concern?

12. Are staff, physicians and management engaged in frequent experimentation and learning, not as separate events, but as a regular part of their daily work?

13. Can frontline, staff, physicians and management safely challenge and improve organizational protocols, best practices, standard work, management decisions and technology implementations?

14. Is implementing and disseminating industry standard best practices a key management objective?

15. Is innovation in your organization commonly funded by accessing capital and/or fundraising?

16. Can your organization rapidly and reliably increase trust and optimism in staff, physicians, management and patients?

17. Do all managers have accurate, current Activity Based Cost data on all the people they support and can they continually improve that data through patient-centered experimentation and learning?

18. Does your organization frequently create innovation sites & partner to do rapid experimentation between your organization and other, separate, community organizations, services and resources across the continuum to provide high valued care?

19. Do previously successful programs, facilities or services face downsizing or elimination?

20. Does management commonly rely on industry data, consultants, industry experts, benchmarking, regulatory bodies or vendors to make innovation decisions?

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