Dr. Kenagy’s innovation workshops are geared toward C-suite executives, managers, board members, clinical leaders, staff, and physicians with organizational interests or responsibilities in healthcare and related industries. Dr. Kenagy offers half-day and full-day workshop options. Both courses include copies of Dr. Kenagy’s book Designed to Adapt: Leading Healthcare in Challenging Times.

The Half-Day Workshop provides an in-depth introduction to Adaptive Design mindsets, methods, skills, and tools. The Full Day Workshop provides a practical, hands-on learning session that utilizes engagement and experiential learning to solve real-life business problems. It includes insightful case studies and interactive and discussion-based education in order to maximize your team’s learning.

"With Adaptive Design, my legacy will be an organization in which every person is a skilled problem-solver."

Ron Omen, CEO
St. John’s Hospital
Jackson, Wyoming