Sense & Validate

What does it take to be a leader in value-based healthcare? Here’s a hint: It takes a lot more than implementing Lean and starting an ACO.

A Sense & Validate analysis is a low risk, high reward way to rapidly benchmark your performance against world-class, new-value organizations. Our new value focus is your ability to create more and better care at continually lower cost. First, your leadership team engages in an interactive learning session on creating new value. Then, we eliminate ambiguity and assumptions by walking in the patient’s shoes and directly observing and analyzing systems from the point-of-care up in real-time. In days, your management team and key physicians will know:

  1. Where you are now compared to world-class, value-based systems.
  2. How to close the performance gap and become a leader in value-based care.
  3. What the simple next steps are to immediately make a difference.

Recent examples:

  1. A successful, highly regarded, health system discovered they did not have the evidence-based, shared decision-making in place to create the interdisciplinary care teams needed to compete in the direct contracting, narrow network marketplace.
  2. A small community hospital discovered they could compete as a regional Center of Value and Excellence (CoVE), opening up new markets and new access to top-line revenue.

For more information on how a Sense & Validate can make a difference for your organization, contact us.