Management Learning Line

Does your management team:

  1. Know staff and physicians are always operating at their most efficient levels?
  2. Confidently identify all the costs for all procedures?
  3. Understand how to take risk on certain procedures and then measure outcomes in real-time to insure success?

If they do, congratulations, you have a highly adaptive, new value healthcare organization. If they don’t, it’s an opportunity to learn.

In the Management Learning Line, a select group of leaders from senior management to the frontline participate in seven on-site or on-line, 90-minute leadership learning experiences and discover:

  1. The keys to increasing adaptive capacity and creating new value
  2. What to strengthen and what, if anything, is missing or in the way.
  3. The low risk, high reward path to consistent, world-class, new value success.

For a more detailed one-page summary of the system, contact us.