Dr. Kenagy has presented his ideas to over 200 organizations, including Mayo Health System, Harvard University, U.S. Army Medical Command, the U.S. Senate Commerce Committee, and Microsoft. Here are some of his topics:

  • Value-Based Care: How to Rapidly Create More And Better Care for Less Cost
  • Patient Experience: Partner to Meet Patient Needs Ideally
  • Sense, Respond, Adapt: Manage the Unpredictable in Real-Time
  • Adaptive Design: Design, Do and Improve Across the Care Continuum
  • Culture: Build Physician and Staff Accountability to Thrive at the Point-of-Care
  • Centers of Value and Excellence: CoVE’s and the Future of Healthcare

Here are some past media that is not found on our YouTube Channel

  1. The Physician Effectiveness Project through the Community Consult podcast on 2/25/15
  2. How To Reduce the Cost of Harm and Impact the Bottom Line podcast on 2/3/15 –
  3. The Innovation Engine podcast on 10/17/14
  4. PlexusCall: Deconstructing Disruption podcast on 8/15/14
  5. The Colorado Health Symposium keynote on 8/8/13

To view a keynote address by Dr. Kenagy,
click on the image above.

Your keynote presentation was incredibly well received (receiving 94% ‘Top Box’ ratings). Our group was captivated by your insight and the entertaining style with which you delivered your message.

Keith Fraidenburg
Vice President,
Education &
College of Healthcare
Management Executives