Experience Adaptive Design℠

An online learn-by-doing course that creates continuous learning healthcare for America!

Experience Adaptive Design (EAD) is an interactive online (&/or on-site) training course that incorporates book learning with real-work discussions. Students will build Learning Lines to communicate with colleagues about problems & workarounds, and eventually delivering solutions through experimentation.

The course is appropriate for any healthcare environment or organization. It has a frontline focus that includes designated, role-specific segments for management. The objective: rapidly develop everyone in your organization to deliver Ideal Patient Care and continually lower costs.

In a complex, rapidly changing, unpredictable world, it’s not the strongest that thrive; it’s the most fit and adaptable. With Experience Adaptive Design, fitness and adaptability become your opportunities!

Testimonials (View on YouTube)

“As an organization we participated in the beta-testing for Experience Adaptive Design in that fall of 2012. Our experience was positive. I see it being very beneficial to our staff who are very busy in their daily work, and the EAD product allows us to complete the learning on our time…they (learners) are able to work at their own pace and they are able to bring that back to their practical workplace at the frontline.”
Sheila Tumily
Senior Project Manager for Quality, UnityPoint Clinic, Iowa

“Going medical home prior to Adaptive Design, would not have worked. They would have not seen the overall picture.”
Allison Brunk
Clinic Administrator, Family Medicine Northridge, UnityPoint Clinic, Iowa

Here is the EAD Online Course FAQ For information about pricing, please contact us.
You can view the EAD website homepage here, but this is a password protected site.

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Margaret Mead