Create an Innovative Holiday Season
Posted on: November 18, 2014, by : K&A Webmaster

This year has moved quickly – Thanksgiving is next week with the Holiday Season not far behind!

Here’s an early thought before we get flooded by the craziness of the season. Most of you know Adaptive Design (AD) as a patient-centered system I use to create innovation within an organization… but what about creating innovation within your household? What if instead of just buying more, we use our current resources to do more for our family & friends?

Here are some guidelines that AD uses that can help create an innovative household for the holidays…

  1. Set direction: Discuss and establish a meaningful objective for the season beyond buying or getting more – something that will make a difference.
    Example: Create fun family memories. Reconnect with old friends. Learn about a new culture/tradition. Etc…
  2. Move current resources to higher value: With lots of friends and family it’s hard sometimes to decide if and how you can show your appreciation to EVERYONE. So, use your current resources and be creative!
    Example: Make a recipe book of some of your famous recipes to give to your foodie friends. Give one of your favorite books to someone who likes to read. Etc…
  3. Challenge: This is where innovation steps in! Whether it be monetary, time or physical resources, if you want to be apart of the celebration, but see a limitation – find a solution.
    Example: You found a perfectly expensive lamp for your co-worker, but instead you buy a lamp kit and make your own. Can’t make it home for Christmas, schedule time with a family member to Skype on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning. Etc…
  4. Support and develop: Lend an ear or a hand to family members who need it, and don’t forget to ask when you need one as well. Coming up with new and creative ideas can be hard. Encourage thoughts & experiments – don’t solve it (or buy it) for them.
  5. Facilitate problem solving:  No one can predict the future and best intended efforts go astray. If plans fail, don’t blame. Instead understand, ask why & try again. In every failure or unexpected result lies a hidden opportunity! What doesn’t work can open a door to a new and improved idea. Just as yourself, “What was it we didn’t understand when we decided to do this?” Then use that knowledge and creativity from everyone to decide what to do differently!

Doing more with what we have can be inspiration for more joy & celebration. Have a great Thanksgiving day!


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6 thoughts on “Create an Innovative Holiday Season

    1. Thanks, Bieke! Great to hear from you! I hope is well and happy with you and yours. It’s Thanksgiving time in the US and we give thanks for all our friends and family around all the world.

  1. Good idea John! And don’t forget, in January, if your holidays did not go the way you had hoped for one reason or another (too much stress, spent too much, etc.) take a moment to assess WHY and make a new plan for next year! A post-holiday huddle so to speak!

    1. Thanks, Karl. 5 Whys on Holiday stress and the, most importantly, testing a different Holiday design – that’s a great idea — now, I need to remember that on all the list of things I need to do for the Holidays…….whoops! did it again! All best John

  2. Thanks much, John, for practical yet inspiring ways to innovate within our homes and our families. “Doing more with what we have………” Yes, more calm; more joy!

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