Innovation: The Path to Superior OR Teamwork and Results
Posted on: April 21, 2017, by : K&A Webmaster

Printed in OR Managers Magazine for May 2017, Vol 33 No 5

Healthcare lags behind other industries when it comes to innovation. That’s partly because new treatments must be vetted for safety and efficacy, and partly because fee-for-service reimbursement sparked little incentive for creativity and efficiency. Under value-based purchasing, OR leaders have more opportunity to be innovative, but first they must understand what innovation is (and isn’t) and the ways in which they can promote it.

“Innovation is creating something completely new that doesn’t exist in the world,” says John Kenagy, MD, director of Kenagy & Associates in Longview, Washington, and a clinical professor of surgery at the University of Washington, Seattle.

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One thought on “Innovation: The Path to Superior OR Teamwork and Results

  1. So enjoyed this article…..and great exposure for the Innovation Process. Appreciated the contrast of innovation with performance improvement processes, e.g. lean and six sigma (which we have discussed before); getting sense/respond/adapt to the front lines; and Yes, permission to fail. Keep on making a difference out there. We have a complex and dynamic healthcare system which needs creativity in the “fixin.’

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