Center of Value and Excellence (CoVE)

A Center of Value and Excellence (CoVE℠) is easy to identify because its results are different.  It’s a place where patients and families have more access to more ideal patient care at continually lower cost.

In addition, a CoVE is a place where staff, physicians and management all feel a sense of purpose, commitment and joy in continually learning & discovering as part of their everyday work. A CoVE is where we would want to be as patients and where we would want to work as caregivers.

CoVE’s start out as Learning Lines (adaptive, microsystems inside traditional organizations). They are successful because they sense, respond and adapt to patient needs in real-time. After leadership evaluates & validates their success, Learning Lines are replicated and scaled within the organization to eventually form a CoVE. This creates expanding new value opportunities inside any healthcare organization, big or small.

Creating more value is “why” be a CoVE. Adaptive Design is “how.” Unlike traditional, project-based, process reengineering approaches, Adaptive Design is a self-sustaining system for designing, doing and improving complex work within and across disciplines. It’s a clinically intelligent system that continually solves complex problems in real time.

Collaborative doctor, nurse, staff and management teams have applied Adaptive Design to services ranging from medication administration to surgery to out-patient care, quickly reaching and surpassing performance goals while directly improving the bottom line. That’s Adaptive Design. That’s new value. That’s a Center of Value and Excellence.

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