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In writing Designed to Adapt: Leading Healthcare in Challenging Times, Dr. Kenagy brought the features of Adaptive Design to the world in hopes that, collectively, we could fix healthcare and halt the trend of increasing cost without decreasing quality patient care. He wanted to help fix a broken system. This system has never needed Adaptive Design or Dr. Kenagy’s book more than now. As Dr. Kenagy writes:

When I started writing this book, my goal was to show how our struggling healthcare system could benefit from combining the strategy and execution capabilities of adaptive, highly resilient companies like Toyota and Apple.

Now, six years later, our challenges have increased. The cost of care has skyrocketed, most Americans are fearful they will not have access to or afford the care they need and the role of government in healthcare reform has become a fractious, partisan debate. Our world is increasingly complex, unpredictable and challenging.

Challenging times present great opportunities. The history of innovation clearly shows that, in periods of instability, highly adaptive organizations have a great advantage. They do wonderful things. They do what seems impossible.

This book is about how you (and others like you) can link together to do what seems impossible now: provide more and better care at continually lower cost. Each chapter describes real-life healthcare experiences that show how success in challenging times is dependent on accepting and practicing three principles of adaptive success:

  1. Future success is not dependent on what you have done in the past or are doing now, but rather on how you adapt what you are doing to a constantly changing environment.
  2. Organizations strategically and operationally “designed to adapt” have competitive advantage in a rapidly changing world. They do what the rest can’t.
  3. There is a low risk, high reward pathway for success. Without question, you can create more access to better care at continually lower cost. That is the opportunity and that is Adaptive Design!

To achieve lasting results means more than holding your ground, implementing best practices, hiring another consultant or buying more technology. The solution is to never stop adapting to make new solutions. That’s Adaptive Design. This book will show you how.

John Kenagy, MD
March 2015