Adaptive Design Testimonials

“During the learning process of Adaptive Design we work with staff and the frontline that have years of experience in their role, whether that’s clinical, administrative or management experience. So they great ‘Aha’s’ that we have seen in this work or great moments, have been when those staff members that are seasoned in their work, actually see something very different. So by learning this work and being able to be a frontline learner, they can see their work 1st hand from a different point-of-view”
Sheila Tumilty
Senior Project Manager for Quality, UnityPoint Clinic, Iowa

“I never done anything that energizes people so quickly and, the more they do it, the more they are energized!”
Ed Gamache
CEO, Harbor Beach Community Hospital, Harbor Beach, Michigan

“It’s great to watch how excited RNs get when they have a way to fix the problems that they’ve struggled with for years.”
Diane Gardner
Nurse Educator, Mercy & Unity Hospitals, Minneapolis

“With Adaptive Design, my legacy will be an organization in which every person is a skilled problem-solver.”
Ron Omen
CEO, St. John’s Hospital, Jackson, Wyoming

“What sets the non-healthcare leaders apart is that they do their work, they are constantly learning how to do it better… [The] effects are profound. If the country’s hospitals follow that example, the national savings would be measured in tens of thousands of lives and billions of dollars every year.”
Steven J. Spear
Senior Fellow, Institute for Healthcare Improvement, Cambridge, Massachusetts
From The New York Times Op-Ed page, August 29, 2005