Purpose and Ideal Patient Care

Creating a meaningful purpose for work is an essential, but commonly overlooked tool of management. Behavioral economics studies and scientific studies on how the brain functions in decision making show that a meaningful purpose is essential in aligning decision making across many different people and functions.

Purpose sets direction and must center on something of importance to the people who are to share that direction, including staff, physicians, and management. Patient care is a motivating factor for almost everyone making a choice to work in healthcare. Adaptive Design employs the goal of “Ideal Patient Care” as the shared purpose for everyone across the spectrum of healthcare.

Ideal Patient Care is:

  • exactly what the patient needs, when and where they need it
  • individually customized care
  • immediate response to problems or changes
  • safe environment — physically, emotionally, and professionally — for patients, staff, physicians, and management
  • no waste of any resource.

It’s much more than a slogan hung on a wall. It combines inspiration and aspiration with the practical qualities of a day-to-day managerial tool. Using Ideal Patient Care, you can set a powerful, meaningful purpose for your organization that will guide you in achieving what you once thought was impossible.